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What My Former Clients Say

For many years, I always thought I just had a bad temper and was always very quick to get angry. In most cases, I would see red and completely loose control. It began to control my everyday life. I became very controlling, demanding and sometimes violent towards my partner to the point that after a particular incident, my relationship of 13yrs broke down and my partner and I separated. He admitted to me that he had felt “controlled” for most of our relationship and that he couldn’t live like that anymore.


Even though he knew I had tried to get help in the past, he just couldn’t see me or the situation changing. This was devastating for me as we also had two young children. I have had counselling in the past but it never seemed to get to the root of the problem.

I knew Gary as a fellow colleague at ASDA, and after looking up his website, I asked him for advice. We arranged to meet, and within minutes of seeing him, I felt totally at ease, and what was once a very embarrassing and shameful subject, became surprisingly easy to talk about. For the first time in years, I felt as though someone actually understood exactly how I was feeling. Gary put me totally at ease and told me I had an anger management problem.


After just the first session I already began to feel a difference in the way I felt, thought and dealt with things. He made me realise, but more importantly, explained how and why, past events had affected me and caused me to act the way I was doing. I had five hypnotherapy sessions with Gary and I felt totally reassured that I wasn’t the monster I thought I was and that I wasn’t the only person to feel like this. I received follow up messages and information from sessions and was really reassured by this.
I now feel I have the confidence to control my actions in a way I have never been able to do before and he has taught me certain techniques, including meditation, to ensure that I keep myself this way. My life has taken a completely different turn and I feel fantastic and confident. Gary doesn’t just help you, he educates you. Once you know why something is happening, you can then learn how to deal with it. Understanding my condition has given me so much more confidence in dealing with it.

I can’t thank Gary enough for what he has done. He is extremely professional and I would highly recommend him.

Life is never going to be perfect, but I now have the knowledge and skills to help me deal with it much better than I did before. Thank you so much Gary...x

Vicky Pattinson,  Optical Assistant, Asda

I have suffered with depression for many years and have tried many different strategies to deal with it, including medication which I dislike taking. I wasn’t sure whether hypnotherapy would help but Gary very kindly offered me some sessions. On meeting Gary I was a little anxious but he was reassuring and calm and I started to relax. He allowed me to talk and feel safe and he gave me a lot of advice about how to handle my depression without resorting to medication. He made the focus of the sessions about me learning to be kinder to myself which has affected many different areas of my life. Not only did I get support while I was at the sessions but he also contacted me with extra advice and support between appointments. I meditate now on a daily basis and have learned to relax and take time just for myself, which I was very bad at doing before. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gary to family and friends.

Tammy Roberts, Trade Union Official

I have had a phobia of wasps most of my life,to the point where I would stop breathing or run away screaming. I only needed one visit to Gary who taught me a technique involving "Orange Bert" (my nice name for a cartoon wasp). I was walking down the street yesterday and a wasp flew up to me - my initial reaction was terror as always, but a milisecond later I just told 'Orange Bert' to go away and carried on walking totally in control. Amazing results! - Thank you!

Mandy Simmonds, Research Technical Officer, University of Bradford

My hypnotherapy with Gary really helped me with my weight loss and  has made a huge difference to my mindset too. Highly recommended!

Nadine Pemberton, Solicitor

I would like to thank you everything you have done for me, which has had positive results in many ways. On your advice, I continue to practise Reiki every day and thanks to you I have genuinely lost the inclination to turn to binge drinking  - it doesn't interest me anymore! You have showed me how to find much better alternatives that fill my life with contentment and happiness instead of shame.

I am now in a calm place, my emotions no longer run away with me, and  you helped me see that past experiences of hurt and disappointment are part of life and not targeted solely at myself. You gave me the courage to leave behind the people and things that were making me unhappy and controlling me and dragging me down. As hard as this was to let go, it is a discipline you taught me to consciously re-enforce on my journey to a happier place.

Life's far from perfect and there will be more challenges to come no doubt, but thanks to you I have the tools to be able to deal with and change my perception of how things really are. You taught me to love and accept myself for what I am, no more no less. My conviction is strong and my approach is warmer to the outside world and I like myself now. Thank you so much Gary!

Evie Leak - Aromatherapist and Reiki Practitioner

I went to see Gary when there was a lot of press regarding a outbreak of biting spiders in the news. Until I had read this, I had not realised how strong my fear of spiders was, and suddenly found that I was having extreme anxiety to the point where it was effecting my whole life - I lost over a stone due to stress. I had convinced myself, with the help of one of my friends winding me up, that they were everywhere and i could not enter a room without checking out all the corners.

Before seeing Gary, I paid another hypnotist £50 for an hour session that did absolutely nothing for me, so I was very sceptical, but I was desperate for a quick fix for my fear. I had also seen a CBT therapist which cost me another £30 which didn’t really change anything other than teach me more about spiders!

I was extremely nervous about meeting Gary, but i had read all his reviews and saw that he came highly recommended. We first exchanged a few emails and Gary confirmed that he thought he would be able to help me. On arriving at Gary’s, I was made to feel very welcome and I instantly relaxed in his company. He is very easy to speak to.

I always felt that my fear was irrational and silly, and I knew they were more scared of me etc etc, but just couldn’t I seem to get past it! Being a very logical person this annoyed me greatly. I had got myself so wound up that I was even scared to look at pictures and plastic spiders that Gary told me were not real. Gary explained the reasoning behind my fear and why my brain reacted the way it did. It was very comforting to find out that i was not being abnormal and that it was beyond my control, as it was simply how my brain had been programmed by past events.

He also helped me realise that a lot of my fear was the lack of control of them being near my daughter and my fears for her safety. With my consent, Gary agreed to put me under and try to re train my brain – not to love spiders – but to react differently to them and give me some coping mechanisms to deal with the situation. We agreed beforehand what these should be. If the spider was not threatening and I could easily reach it then I would try to put it outside, and If this was not possible then to kill it as humanely as possible. After having a failed hypnosis before, I desperately wanted it to work and gave it my full attention, which i think helped me get into such a deep relaxed state.

Being hypnotized was amazing. I have never felt so relaxed in my life! First he put me under a light trance where he got me to train my mind to flick between a real spider and a cartoon spider while clicking my fingers. It got to the point where I could just click my fingers and it would automatically click over. I still practice this at work now! Next we moved onto the deeper trance.  I remember Gary telling me to relax and concentrate on my breathing, and I realized that I couldn’t even feel myself breathing - but knew I  must be because I wasn’t gasping for breath!!

I don’t remember exactly what was said to me while I was under, but I felt extremely safe and relaxed. I remember Gary telling me to open my eyes when he got to a certain number and thought "oh I'll open them right now" but couldn’t until he got to that number!! When I woke, I felt so refreshed, like I had slept for a week, which was amazing considering I hadn’t slept for the week before! Gary asked how long I thought I had been under. I guessed 15 minutes, and it had been about an hour! Before the session i could not even look at the toy spiders. Afterwards, I was holding them and even took them home for my daughter to play with, which is great because now she thinks they are fun!

I was determined not to pass my fear onto my daughter, and feel great that with Gary’s help I have been able to accomplish this. After leaving the session, I felt very calm. I was no longer searching every corner and thinking that spiders where hiding all over!! All I had to do was wait for a spider....and I didn’t have to wait long! About a month after the session, I had a rather large spider on my bedroom wall quite high up near the ceiling. I felt this amazing calm come over me and knew that I was safe and knew how to deal with it.

I decided that it was a large spider and I could not reach it easily enough to get it into a glass and take it outside. Instead, I squashed it with a book - and I felt really bad about it! I even said sorry to the spider!!! Silly I know, but it did! I think from now on I will go with the glass method no matter where it is.

I wish I had seen Gary years ago!! He has given me so much control and confidence. If you're thinking about seeing a hypnotist, then I definitely recommend Gary. After wasting my money seeing other people, it was great to find someone genuine who was actually able to help me. There is a reason why we all come on here and give our reviews, and I just wish I had come to him first!

Thank you Gary!!

Kristine Ellerton - Customer Services and Logistics Coordinator

Gary has a great understanding of how events can effect the mind and body. I was suffering with stress and anxiety, sometimes debilitating, caused by a sequence of events that happened at work. As a consequence, my confidence was eroded and I could no longer assert myself and was very anxious about public speaking. Even after my initial consultation with Gary, where he listened intently to my situation, I felt 10 times better just through his explanation of why I was feeling the way I did. I decided to embark on a course of treatment anyway and I'm glad I did, as in every session I felt a marked improvement. I want to thank Gary not only for delivery such a good result but also for being so very kind, caring, calming and easy to get along - he really put me at ease and I don't hesitate in recommending him.

Matthew Wilkins - Software consultant

Gary has made a profound difference to my life!

I contacted Gary because I suffered from crippling panic and anxiety attacks. I was perilously close to having a nervous breakdown and was at the end of my tether. Gary and I exchanged some emails and I attended an initial appointment at no cost. I was immediately impressed by his knowledge, diligence and the ease with which I could talk to him.

I went on to have five hypnotherapy sessions with Gary and during which he taught me techniques to calm my mind, focus my thoughts on the present and things over which I am able to control, value and rely on my intuition, overcome my particular problem/s and finally to consider and pursue what I want from life.Throughout the sessions I found Gary to be amiable and professional.He took care to explain things in plain English and also sent me summary emails of each session. These provided a helpful record to which I could refer if I was unsure and which I now use as a reminder of the things I need to do to stay on the right path.

As a result of our sessions I am now calm, in control and focused on achieving my dreams. I seldom find myself wasting time and energy on negative thoughts as I previously did and as a result feel happier, well balanced and much more appreciative of my blessings.

Gary is a fantastic teacher and therapist. He has given me the skills to move forward in life robustly and with confidence and optimism. I cannot speak highly enough of him and if you have an issue, no matter how big or small, I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Tom Pollard, Author

When I first met Gary, I was suffering from panic attacks so severe they were causing me to have really bad spouts of anxiety. I was at the point where I could not leave my house on my own as it was my ’safe place’ I was unable to go into any buildings or be surrounded by people in an environment I did not know. I contacted Gary to see if he could help me he agreed to see me over 5 sessions in which he would put me under hypnotherapy and try help me with my fears. At first I was scared of being in an unknown place and on my own (I only ever feel comfortable with my partner/father) but after a brief meeting I was soon feeling relaxed, happy, safe and content in his presence.

Throughout all my appointments Gary made me feel very relaxed and safe which is very important to me, I went from letting my partner wait in the house, to in the car and eventually drive off and leave me for my hour session, returning when I had finished. After all the 5 sessions I can honestly say iv noticed a significant improvement in my confidence. I can now go locally to shops on my own, walk down streets and not be scared. My panic attacks have practically stopped now I am now learning to just build my confidence up with some techniques Gary has taught me. With time and patience I am very certain my life will be back to how I was.
Gary I cannot thank you enough for all the encouragement, support and even the ears you have been, when I have just needed to talk.

I would highly recommend anyone who is struggling at any point with any issue to see Gary he is a man in a million! xxxx

Stephanie Naylor, Retail Team-Leader, now a Cafe owner

Gary Blonder, is dedicated, powerfully intuitive, and grounded therapist. I was orginally a pessimist in regards to being able to experience healing and renewal from hypnotherapy. I believed my mind was too paranoid to trust another individual to induce a hypnotic trance on me. After expressing curiousity over the concept and willing to give it a try, Gary invited me to a free session over Skype (video chat), and I figured I might as well give it a try.

Although I was distrustful initially as the session first began, I slowly began to relax as time progressed. Gary's powerfully strong and diligent mind, slowly began to temporarily melt away my distrustful spirit. His calm and collected voice managed to dissapate the chaotic force that was rambling in my mind. I soon began to ease into a peaceful trance of imagery combined with my own imagination running free, sparkling with colours, forms, textures and higher dimensional creatures. It was like lucid dreaming because although my mind was entering into a more creative dream state, I was still consciously aware of my body and my surroundings.


Once the session was over, I felt like my mind had been cleared and free and I began to uncontrollably giggle. Things were funny again to me; I had been in a very dark place before the session (although like every smart woman, we know how to hide it well), and by the end I felt like laughing and sinking down into my bed in bliss. Gary is a wonderfully likeable person, and overall my experience was surprisingly blissful. I would highly recommend at least trying a free first Skype session with him; it might surprise you what you learn about yourself!

Pauline Slakey, California

I went to see Gary as I had severe anger issues that were upsetting my fiancee, family and friends. I think Gary is a fantastic hypnotherapist! My anger is very minimal now. I feel much calmer, and in fact everyone has been telling me how much calmer I am. I would recommend Gary to anybody!

Jack Bolton, Roadie and Musician

I feel really positive about the changes and I am seeing a difference already. The CD you gave me works wonders at bedtime like you said it would and I really enjoy the mandalas, especially the one that you attached to the email. I really wasn't sure hypnosis would work for me but so far I have stuck to everything you told me and I very grateful for all your help. I will of course pass your details on and I expect that people will be giving you a call soon!

Stephanie Tanner, Job Centre Advisor

I am relatively new to the networking part of business and found that the public speaking to promote my business was making me anxious . Businesses do not expect to hear mumbling and stuttering during a sales pitch! I arranged a consultation with Gary to see if he could help. We discussed the situation, and I was put at ease,  so I underwent a hypnotherapy session. With his skill and guidance in these areas, I found the whole process to be very relaxing and totally professional . Since my consultation, I have felt much more confident about public speaking and would not hesitate to recommend his services to any of my business contacts and colleagues. I will be arranging further sessions in the future to keep me focused .Thank you for all your help, Gary!

Neil Crawford, Accountant

Hi Gary. Thank you very much for the help I so desperately needed!! Wish I had come to you for help 12 months ago when I decided to learn to ride a motorbike! I found you to be very warm and welcoming, I felt safe! It was the first time I ever had hypnosis so I had a feeling of apprehension! But in no time you banished that feeling!! While under hypnosis I felt safe too. the experience was amazing! I was taken on a journey which also included a journey in to my 'soul' where I found peace and quiet and tranquility. so awesome!! I would like to visit you again some time to revisit my inner self!! Your help has given me a feeling of calm and a better understanding of my fear (lack of confidence) Once again Thank you Gary. Blessings!

JO WRIGHT, Retired Nurse

In September 2008 I took a massive overdose and still woke up next morning.

I was violently sick during the night and the Doctors said it was that that had saved me.  In effect I took too many.

After 1 week in hospital, 1 month under twice daily observation of the Crisis team and 3 months psychiatric day centre I was finally deemed stable enough to go it alone again.

The team working with me told me that due to several sudden bereavements on top of post natal depression (28 years ago, it was the “new” thing) then divorce and a near fatal accident of my youngest son, it seem I had “suffered” from depression for nearly 3 decades and as such it was decided that I have clinical depression.

Clinical depression (also called major depressive disorder or unipolar depression) is a state of intense sadness, anhedonia (the absence of pleasure or the ability to experience it) or despair that has advanced to the point of being disruptive to an individual's social functioning and/or activities of daily living.

I managed to function on the maximum dose of the anti-depressant I was on and gradually my mood improved and I began to realise that only I could make me better by actively changing my life.  It was hard and for a long time I couldn’t understand why, but if I had to be here (and I don’t know how to kill myself) then I may as well try to enjoy it.

It has been hard but I’ve turned my life around and I’m in a better place now than I have been for years BUT I am still on medication.

The thought of coming off frightened me; after all, my life without pills was rubbish, who was to say it wouldn’t go back to that?

My boss had posters up at work about the “Fit For Purpose” thing but I hadn’t taken much notice of it, then chatting to her one day she mentioned she had had a session with Gary and she was pleased with the results.

When my GP suggested I reduce my medication in conjunction with some hypnotherapy it seemed as though fate was playing a card so I arranged my 1st appointment.

In total I had 5 sessions with Gary and I now know I have to tools to be able to manage my condition without the need for medication.  I am still reducing the dosage but confident that if I keep on with the relaxation exercises and stay focussed and assertive I will be able to cope with life in the future.

If I had to put it into one sentence, I feel as though I have control of my life for the first time in many years.

Thank you Gary, you’re the best £25 I ever and would happily pay the going rate knowing how effective it is.

Sue Summersgill

Gary helped me with my concerns about self confidence and pulic speaking. I recently gave a presentation to my networking group and felt much more relaxed and in control than on the previous occasion. This was the first occasion I had used hypnotherapy, I had a very pleasant and relaxing experience. Gary makes me feel onfident in him and more importantly in myself and my ability to access and trust my gut instincts to know what to do.

I also had been having some health concerns which Gary knew nothing about but which are no longer a problem. Thanks Gary!

CHRISTINE SMITH, Lighter Life Counsellor  

Before meetingGary I had never been hypnotized, nor did I know anyone who had. As such, I was a little sceptical. Gary’s professional yet approachable manner made me feel at ease right away. The experience of being hypnotized surpassed all my expectations - it was one of being in an incredibly relaxed state. There was nothing scary or wacky about it – I just felt totally relaxed and safe.


Throughout all the sessions I have had, Gary listened to what I had to say and was quick to pin-point the root cause of my problems. He gave some sound advice and hypnotized me into deep, relaxing trances. As well as setting homework, he sent me emails which summarised what we’d discussed which were really useful for reference.


He has taught me how to meditate at home to help calm my mind and I have now got into a daily routine of meditation everyday. I have been diligent with this and along with the hypnosis it has had positive results – those close to me have noted that I’m much calmer and have a more cheerful persona. Having this meditation tool at my disposal has been invaluable in the run up to my wedding – I’ve been able to clear my mind and remain calm in what would otherwise have been a very stressful time.


I have been impressed with Gary’s service and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to friends, family and colleagues.


Susan Parsons, Manager

My name is Brenda. I am 43 years old, a mother of two and until recently a Development Manager for a well known Financial Company based in Bradford.  Over the past two years I have been through the great loss of my husband through horrific circumstances and have also suffered bereavement in close succession of my mother, father and cousin. I thought I could just cope and get on with things in life, but my world became dark, unrewarding and chaotic.


I expected myself to be “Super Mum”, to juggle my children, home and career-life without much thought to my mental and emotional wellbeing. I had gone to counselling sessions with psychiatrists and personal counsellors, but none had seemed to help me slow down and digest what had happened to me. I felt as if I was on autopilot and running out of fuel very quickly. I was going through all this turmoil, and afraid that at any time my world would come crashing down around me. I felt that if I didn't do something immediately, I would be heading for a complete breakdown.


Gary Blonder was recommended to me by a colleague, and my first session was all about my life and what I felt the problem was that brought me to this point. For the first time in years, I felt I could fully express how I was feeling about what had taken place in my life. Gary quickly put me at ease and reassured me that I was coping very well with my situation. By developing new skills with Gary's help, I grew in strength and confidence, and learned how to cope better with difficult issues and situations. 


I had one session per week over five weeks, and each session lasted around an hour. We worked on positive thinking, anger management, self-worth, imagination, and relaxation. I can honestly say that I saw progress in myself after the first meeting and then throughout the five weeks. I became more confident, less angry and had a better outlook on my life.


I have now changed my career after wanting to leave for three years and never having the guts to do it before. With Gary's help I am now heading in a direction that has always appealed to me (Social Worker), have secured a job, and start in September 2010. What I would say to anyone wanting to try Hypnotherapy with Gary Blonder for whatever reasons and are unsure about it is to not let fear, self-doubting or a troubled mind stop you! You will learn to be your true self!


Thanks to Gary, I have accomplished very real positive results in my life. I gained a truly rewarding outcome after every session and I have no doubt that he will do the same for you!

BRENDA GORDON, Social Worker

I'd like to thank you for helping me in my hypnotherapy sessions over the last month. It has helped me greatly in regaining my confidence. I returned to work after time off with a stress-related illness and found that people responded well to my new state of mind. Confidence breeds confidence! You also helped me recognise which parts of my early life were significant in my development and, even more importantly, which were "threats". I now see things much more in proportion. Your coping strategies have proved very practical and valuable and now I feel comfortable in many social situations that seemed challenging in the past.

Progress has been very good I'm very pleased to report. The "Self worth" process you taught me is proving to be excellent, to the point that my natural default setting is on positive just about all of the time! The few occasions that 'negative' thoughts have entered my head, I find I can catch them very early and then turn them into positives very easily and quickly, something I take a lot of pleasure doing.

Have found the CD to be very relaxing and I'm sure it has helped me. I have found it difficult to listen to it every day, as a quiet hour is often impossible to find, so I listen to it when I can. Also I think the trigger words have helped. When my thoughts start, I say the words to myself and it seems to put my mind on another, more positive track. 

Thank you very much for your help!

Kully Kaur, Employee at CAS Bradford

I saw Gary Blonder a few weeks back as I suffer a lot of flashbacks from my past and I felt isolated around my partner, and I also felt as if I wasn't a good mother towards my son. He helped through the whole process and he taught me how to love others around me, and helped me free my mind through the process of it all. It's brought me and my son closer more than ever and with my partner too. I would recommend anybody out there to Gary Blonder as he is really good at what he does. THANK YOU GARY XXX

Dawn Monaghan, Cashier

I had never experienced hypnotherapy before my session with Gary, so I was curious about the possible results. I felt completely safe with him, in “letting go” while he talked me into the trance. I decided to start with a simple problem that has been around for many years – being relaxed and confident when singing in public.


After just one session I couldn’t stop singing, and had to ask Gary how to turn it off so that I could get some sleep at night! My voice relaxed and sounded different and much better. So I am delighted with this, and also the positive results for other issues that Gary has helped me with.


Jenny Cooper, health coach, Key Steps Coaching.


I originally went to see Mr Blonder as I was extremely depressed, and it was drastically interfering with my life.  I was recommended to Gary by someone who had also benefited from his help.  I had five sessions with Gary and gradually began to feel better after each session, until my symptons are now managable with a little work involved from myself.


Gary has a excellent way of looking at your problems and showing you a way to see past them, essentially showing you a way out.  It is like he shows you how to make sense of a mess, and look at it from a detatched point of view.  This is important as only then can you really begin to do something about it.  One minute you can't see the wood for the trees, and next you have a map to guide you out of the forest.  He also helps you to put things into their proper perspective, and not magnify your difficulties.


Towards the end of every session I was hypnotized by Gary, and went into a very deep, and relaxed state of hypnosis.  Having been hypnotized before I can say that his technique took me further under than my previous hypnotherapists did.


Essential to any treatment is the homework Gary leaves you to perform in your daily life.  Training the mind to think differently is akin to training the body, and this takes time and a degree of willing on the participants part.  Some of this was very helpful indeed, and I shall be refering to it, in order to keep my self progressing.


To summarise I would definitely recommend Mr Blonder's services, as they may be just what you might need in order to lead a better, happier life.  You will have to be ready to change, but he will certainely help you.  Thanks Gary.

Daniel B, Standup Comedian, trainer

I recently had a course of Hypnotherapy sessions with Gary Blonder following a recommendation from a colleague.

As we all know, the economy is not in great shape at the moment, and as a result I, like many others, have suffered a series of setbacks in my business life. After a while it becomes harder and harder to bounce back and you start to lose confidence which makes matters worse. I was in this situation, stressed and on an emotional rollercoaster.

The first time I met Gary he took time to get to understand what I needed and helped me to focus on what I wanted to achieve, not just in my working life but in my personal life too. He is a lovely person, caring and understanding and also very supportive.


Gary has taught me how to relax and given me the tools to help me help myself. The techniques and exercises he showed me have helped me to manage the ups and downs of every day life. My outlook on life is now far more positive and I have a strategy for coping with setbacks, which I know will continue to happen as that’s life.

I had never tried Hypnotherapy before, in fact I knew very little about it before I met Gary . I now know how powerful it can be and how Hypnotherapy can help so many people with so many personal issues whether it be stress management and confidence building to weight control or overcoming phobias.

Gary will continue to help me over the coming weeks and months as I listen to the personalised recording he has created for me and by relaxing and by positive thinking. I am now a much calmer and more positive person than I was before I met Gary and would recommend anyone who really wants help with their own personal issues to book a course with him.

Julie Gordge, Businesswoman

I first encountered Gary on Twitter. Even after a couple of years, I was so sad about losing my daughter and husband. After a discussion,  Gary sent me a CD custom happiness session to my home here in California. I am just so uplifted every time I hear his soothing voice. I recommend him warmly.

Jeanette Fisher, Entrepreneur http://www.joytothehome.com/

Gary Blonder is true to his word when he says stop smoking without a struggle. This was my concern as in the past when I have quit on my own I have had really bad cravings and withdrawal symptoms. After my hypnotherapy session on Monday the 30th of March I became a non smoker with no cravings, just memories that popped into my mind as a habit of the times I had a cigarette but I just did not want one, I have had no withdrawal symptoms at all. In the past I had headaches and coughing as my lungs cleared but not with hypnotherapy. I can't believe this man has changed my life and given me my health back, I am so grateful to Gary Blonder and I would recommend anyone with any problems visit him. I will definitely be recommending him to others and will be visiting him again. THANK YOU GARY..

 Jeanette Bulmer. Therapist

I was fortunately persuaded by you to run a stress management seminar for our staff in the office.

Gary, your excelled yourself! Your presentation was entertaining and informative, kept everyone fully engaged, dispensed some very practical advice and was rated very highly by all members of the team. I picked up some helpful tips myself which I now use on a regular basis.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services to any company that is considering running a stress management seminar, as you are an excellent speaker and can genuinely make a difference to the way people manage their lives. 

Joanne Whiteside, Accountant, Businesswoman


I went to see Gary with a stress problem, which was causing a big problem with my skin. I had a few sessions of hypnotherapy with Gary and he gave me tasks to do at home to help with the treatment . I have noticed a big difference in my attitude and behaviour and now feel more positive, and my skin is nearly perfect! I would recommend Gary for any form of stress problem!

Chantelle Hawkes, Cashier

I have a skin condition called psoriasis which gets worse with stress.  I went to Gary for hypnotherapy which to be honest I didn't think would work. Much to my surprise, it help me a lot! At first I found the whole experience quite strange but very enjoyable. It was very calming and really did help keep my stress levels  down. I do still get stressed but with the help of knowing how to relax now Ican control the situation.

  I would recommend this treatment to everyone. I now have a new way of life and I wouldn't change it back to the old way. I can honestly say that this treatment has made my house a much calmer place to live and a lot happier .

 I still have my skin condition, which I have had lots of treatment for but have not worked. At the moment I would say that it's the best it has ever been and I would put it down to this type of therapy. Thank you gary for all your time and help!

Claire Sanderson, Cashier

I had occasion to use Gary's services and it was brilliant. From the first meeting I was put at ease and he answered any questions I had.

His customer service is second to none. I was deeply impressed by his professional knowledge and his personality. I was slightly skeptical but urge that if you are too you will be most pleasently surprised. I am a cured man.

I would heartily recommend Gary and his services to anyone and indeed I do to all my friends.

Mark Simmons from Sargefit Personal Training

I think most of us live with some issues, but just get on with life and cope with the things that happen to us, learning to live with the consequences and adopting a 'coping strategy' that works for us. I knew why I lacked confidence, and my own 'coping stragegy' would be to avoid doing the things that would make me feel uncomfortable. What I came to realise is that I miss out on such a lot of great experiences for fear of not being able to do them. When Gary was recommended to me, I decided to have a consultation to see if hypnotherapy could help. I have had 3 sessions, and the change in me, and how I feel now is remarkable. Gary has made a personalised CD for me so that I can continue to progress - but I already feel 'liberated' from the negative feelings that prevented me from living life to the full. I would suggest to anyone reading this - if you have any fears, phobias, or issues of any kind - don't just live with them - get in touch with Gary - it could just be the best thing you ever did!

J.E.. Businesswoman

I have had a pleasure of both training with Gary and benefiting from his hypnotherapy techniques. He is 100% dedicated and sincere about his work, Gary is resourceful and imaginative in his approach and treats his work with boundless enthesiasm and pride. As a fellow hypnotherapist I would never hesitate in recommending Gary. If there's a problem he will solve it!

Rebecca Faraday - Mentor and hypnotherapist

I thought hypnotherapy might help me change my computer games habit. An initial consultation with Gary Blonder in his comfortable consulting room helped me realise that this was more of an addiction than I had admitted and like all addictions was affecting all areas of my life, work and relationships. I was given some basic homework tasks to do each day together with a single hypnotherapy session. Gary then sent me a personal CD to use at home. The results are remarkable and I can recommend Gary for his professionalism and the enthusaiasm he brings to helping people. I would recommend anyone to contact Gary Blonder if they have any personal issues in their lives that they want to address

Julia Wild, Herbalife Nutritionist

I have been seeing Gary for help with my food issues. I have seen other Hypnotherapists over many years with no results. I have suffered from an eating disorder since I was weaned as a baby (28 years ago) and I had serious anxieties about trying new foods and I have lived on a VERY limited diet all my life. I had just 5 sessions with Gary and my anxiety has eased a lot and I have tried 5 new foods this month which without Gary's help I would never have done. Although I have some way to go until I sit down to a full Sunday lunch or such like I feel that Gary has set me on the right path to beating my fears I hold (or should I say held) with food. I found Gary to be very friendly and I was immediately at ease in his company which is what you need when you are talking about your most embarrassing feelings. I will defiantly be passing Gary's details on and will recommend him to my friends and family.

Adam Wood, Freight Driver

Gary Blonder came recommended  to me by a former client of his. I was somewhat sceptical at first about hypnotherapy, but upon meeting Gary for the first time he put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable. I explained my problems to him and he put it down to  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My symptoms included loss of confidence and motivation, uncontrollable tears, and basically feeling very anxious. Gary recommended 5 sessions, he was very confident and assured me he could help me. After the first session iInoticed a  big difference, I was a lot more relaxed, now I have completed the sessions and been given a CD to which I listen to every other day. I can now look forward to the future. Gary has helped me gain control of my life again, and taught me to look forward not backward. I know my direction in life again now. I certainly would not hesitate in recommending him.
Lisa Rhodes, Entrepreneur

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